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The European Geoscience Union or (EGU) is an interdisciplinary association open to all those who have a professional role in earth sciences, planetology, space sciences and related studies. The EGU aims to provide a forum for discussion between experts in all fields of geosciences.

Every year its General Assembly is held in Vienna which in 2023 took place from 23 to 28 April and saw the participation of 18831 scientists, from over 100 different countries.

During the Assembly, the work of the Cresci Blu Reef team was also presented, with the presence or virtual participation of numerous members of the project.

The works presented were the following:

Ecosystem engineers and biogeomorphology of the Mediterranean algal reef Coralligenous: Daniela Basso, Valentina Alice Bracchi, Pietro Bazzicalupo, Marco Bertolino, Fabio Bruno, Mara Cipriani, Gabriele Costa, Francesco D’Alpa, Gemma Donato, Luca Fallati, Adriano Guido, Maurizio Muzzupappa, Rossana Sanfilippo, Alessandra Savini, Francesco Sciuto, Andrea Giulia Varzi, and Antonietta Rosso

Ocean liming in eutrophic water: a mesocosm scale approach: Daniela Basso, Arianna Azzellino, Piero Macchi, Chiara Santinelli, Emilio Fernández, Pablo Serret, Giancarlo Bachi, Giovanni Checcucci, Alexandra Diaz, Eva Teira, Guido Raos, Silvia Valsecchi, Selene Varliero, Pietro Bazzicalupo, Karen Gariboldi, and Jose Gonzalez

Novel investigative techniques on calcareous red algae build-ups: photogrammetry and CT-scan on Coralligenous from Marzamemi (Sicily): Pietro Bazzicalupo, Valentina Alice Bracchi, Andrea Giulia Varzi, Luca Fallati, Alessandra Savini, Antonietta Rosso, Rossana Sanfilippo, Adriano Guido, Mara Cipriani, and Daniela Maria Basso

Underwater Scuba Photogrammetry VS. MBES Acoustic Sounding: how to integrate multiscale data for a better understanding of Coralligenous outcrops: Andrea Giulia Varzi, Luca Fallati, Alessandra Savini, Pietro Bazzicalupo, Valentina Alice Bracchi, and Daniela Basso

A pinnacle-like structure dominated by the chemosymbiotic bivalve Thyasira from the Arctic Sea: Marta Riva, Valentina Alice Bracchi, Claudio Argentino, Alessandra Savini, Luca Fallati, Giuliana Panieri, and Daniela Basso

Multi-specific calibration of the B isotope proxy in calcareous red algae for pH reconstruction: Giulia Piazza, Eduardo Paredes, Valentina Alice Bracchi, Leopoldo David Pena, Jason M. Hall-Spencer, Chiara Ferrara, Isabel Cacho, and Daniela Basso

The results of the works were presented and discussed within the huge and welcoming European geological community! Now the activities continue for the CresciBluReef team as it prepares for the summer samplings and other conferences. See you next year, again in Vienna, for the European Geoscience Union!