"> SCIENTIFIC PAPER: “The Main Builders of Mediterranean Coralligenous: 2D and 3D Quantitative Approaches for its Identification”

Valentina Alice Bracchi, Pietro Bazzicalupo, Luca Fallati, Andrea Giulia Varzi, Alessandra Savini, Mauro Pietro Negri, Antonietta Rosso, Rossana Sanfilippo, Adriano Guido, Marco Bertolino, Gabriele Costa, Elena De Ponti, Riccardo Leonardi, Maurizio Muzzupappa & Daniela Basso

!! SCIENTIFIC PAPER IN Frontiers in Earth Science !!

!! This research carried out along the Mediterranean Sea platform studies algal reefs made up of crustose coralline algae, also known as Coralligenous. It’s one of the most important ecosystems of the Mediterranean Sea in terms of extension, complexity and heterogeneity, supporting a very high level of biodiversity. The results confirm the primary role of crustose coralline algae as the main builders of the Mediterranean coralligenous. This aspect coincides with the evidence from the Quaternary fossil record. The role of encrusting calcareous red algae in the coralligen is important for conservation and management policies. !!

Keywords: algal reef, bioconstruction, crustose coralline algae, framework, Marzamemi

DOI: 10.3389/feart.2022.910522

Link: https://www.frontiersin.org/articles/10.3389/feart.2022.910522/full