"> CBR3, swiping the (sea)floor

A second phase of the CBR3 campaign. The researchers of the University of Milano-Bicocca (you can see in the picture, Alessandra Savini and Luca Fallati in scuba gear!) are doing the photogrammetry. They are taking a series of continuous pictures of the seafloor at 30 m depth with the high-definition camera.

Once again Suttakkua diving aided the CBR3 campaign.

This dim-light environment fosters the ideal conditions for the coralligenous to thrive, but there are still many unknown to the understanding of this amazing ecosystem. The photogrammetry will create a 3D model that is going to be integrated with the sea bottom profile (acquired during the CBR1 campaign), allowing us to shed more light on the geology and geomorphology of the seafloor.

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