"> We got it! 🙌

After five days of intense work, we can announce: we got it!

Riccardo Leonardi (technician at the University of Catania) and our local collaborators from Suttakkua diving did 5 dives, during which they were able to collect two amazing coralligenous build-ups we identified at 36 m of water depth. They also collected the sediments from surrounding area and small surface samples from other near-by coralligenous structures. In addition, they placed the Concretion Accretion Unit (CAU) which will help us in understanding how and when different organisms are able to encrust. The coralligenous structure are 40 and 56 cm in height. They show a high biodiversity at surface, with fleshy algae, erected bryozoans, mollusks, serpulids and for sure calcareous algae. Below this surface aspect, the structures are both very compact (and heavy) and dominated by calcareous algae, bryozoans and serpulids.

Stay tuned! We cannot wait to start the study of these amazing samples!